Moutière Pass 

The neighbor of La Bonette

The Alps are well known for the famous RGA route des grandes Alpes accessible to all, but less so for these tracks open to traffic, which are nevertheless the delight of Maxi-trail lovers. So we went for a walk around the Tunnel du Parpaillon, and the Col de la Moutière. Neighbours of the famous Col de la Bonette on our maxi-trails to give you more information.

As you can imagine these Alpine landscapes are to cut the breath and it will undoubtedly be a fantastic moment on your bike. But let's look at the details...

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Opening/closing: Perched in the mountains, these trails only open a few months in the year from June/July to October. Snow can even join the game in the middle of summer, so it's better to be informed beforehand ;)

In a few lines:

Neighbour of the famous Col de La Bonette located at an altitude of 2,440 metres, about one kilometre directly south of the top of La Bonette, on the D 63 road linking Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage to Bayasse, i. e. linking the Ubaye valley to that of La Tinée.


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Levels of difficulty:

Like all tracks, its condition may vary depending on previous climatic conditions. Overall very rocky, it requires special attention and a minimum rhythm. Because as you know, at a slower speed the stones can play tricks on you, put your beautiful on the ground or worse in the background! So I would say that this track is of average difficulty for an amateur with some experience.

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Moutière pass GPX file
Map of the Col de la Moutière 
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