The salt road

Located near the French-Italian border, the famous salt road winds its way through the Alpine massif. A nugget for all lovers of off-road vehicles.

During the last few hot days, we decided to take a little height, to rediscover the sweetness of the high Alpine pastures.

This itinerary normally runs in one day, we did it on two, just to enjoy a little more the landscapes and the Don Barberra refuge where we spent a nice evening!


This choice was the right one, because as soon as they arrived in the town of Saorge, Hervé's 1190 adv cut off the rear wheel and blocked it, making it sweat a little! We spent nearly 5 hours on the spot to finally succeed in relaunching it. The battery was out of order, we had to charge it at one of the few gas stations open on Sunday.

The mist accompanied us on the trail leading from the forts to the refuge, but the few landscapes we managed to perceive and especially this magnificent trail was well worth the few setbacks. 

We arrived at the refuge at 7pm, barely enough time to drink a beer in front of these breathtaking landscapes, that it was time to eat. A great meal followed by some digestives:)




In the early morning, we woke up to the songs of the marmots, who were also our hosts at breakfast, they are really not shy. It was great! It was great!

A question was asked, was the 1190 going to restart this morning? Well, yes!!!!!





So we took the track again towards La Brigue, under the sun. At the beginning of the route, the vertiginous track amazed us! Between valley woods and steep mountain slopes, this trail is really worth a visit.







The itinerary we followed:

From Valdeblore

Turini Pass then part of the D68, direction D40 route du Cairos

Saorge, Casterino, track from Peirafica to the Tende pass

Continue until you reach the chalet Le marmotte where you must turn right towards the ski slopes of Limone and the toll of Via del Sale (Stazione Ingresso Via Del Sale)

Continue until the exit toll to Monesi, then follow the Brig.




La via del sale:

The salt road is open from mid-June to mid-September depending on the weather. Motor vehicles all week except Tuesday and Thursday dedicated to pedestrians and mountain bikes. Reservation recommended on weekends.

Further information:


GPX file of the high salt road
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