Sagnes lake

The Lac des Sagnes trail on a motorbike is very smooth. Many people use the imprint to make this beautiful place. You will therefore have to take care to contain your pace;).

Located not far from the village of Jausiers, two tracks can lead you there, the "high" and the "low"


The "low" which is taken at the 5th hairpin point at 1360 m is the easiest trail.

It starts on the left in the hairpin bend, goes up the valley of the Abriès torrent by traversing a forest slope facing due north, but there are many clearings to enjoy close-up views.

The "haute" comes off the route de la Bonette at a place called "La Prégonde" (1650 m.), So higher than the classic valley track. It sometimes traverses open slopes, sometimes wooded slopes passing through the lower Coulet (1875 m.) Before joining the valley track just 500 meters before the lake of Sagnes at nearly 1900 meters above sea level.


Even if the track is not very long, or technical. It is really worth the detour, if only for the show on arrival!

Lac des Sagnes GPX file
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